Lost Television Series

I am not sure there is a more frustrating show to talk about than the cultural phenomenon that was Lost.  And it really was a cultural water point in television history.  It was everywhere.  T-shirts, board games, chat rooms, websites devoted to discussing and discovering what it all meant… it was something special to watch the show during its run.  To watch it now, after everything that has transpired is over, must be a strange thing.

There would be no one to talk to, no one to complain to, no one to ask “what will happen next”?  That was part of the fun of watching every week.  The writers were great about keeping the interest in the show high.  They also did a great job of keeping the show character centric.  Lost was all about the characters, with more flashbacks and flash sideways than you could shake a stick at.  It worked because the characters were so well drawn and realistic.  They felt alive.

A plane crashes on a deserted island.  The survivors wake up with no idea where they are or how to communicate with the outside world.  No electricity, no modern conveniences of any kind.  It’s a simple premise, one that has been explored before in other media but never before has the concept been so fully realized, with such a cast of characters.

What set Lost apart were the elements of sci-fi, fantasy, drama and survival it was able to juggle.  And a deep sense of the mysterious.  But this mystery was the ultimate source of its fall, in my humble opinion.  The writers painted themselves into a corner with the mystery of the week concept, piling on mystery upon mystery until the entire show imploded in the most disappointing finale in my TV watching experience.

Virtually nothing of any value was discovered in the last season.  They built up such an elegant beast of a conundrum that it toppled over and crushed everyone involved.  They asked a thousand questions; why were they all brought there?  Where were they all going?  What did it all mean?  What was the point of it all?

And no answers were given.  Check out other entertainment options on TV right here.